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About Kokoszka-Lotz

Kokoszka - Lotz is a Polish family company specializing in the production of heating devices, mainly accumulative fireplaces, water inserts and kitchens.

The company's beginnings date back to 1995, when the fireplace industry was only just entering the Polish market. Our expertise in the production of fireplace inserts is based on our long-term design and construction activities, supported by over a thousand completed jobs. Over 20 years of experience, together with domestic market observation, have highlighted the need to introduce products with high heating parameters, which would be affordable for the Polish consumer.

From our passion and many years of experience, confirmed by numerous certificates and testimonies of our knowledge, we have developed devices with an unique construction - series of Certus, Verus and kitchen furnaces with accumulative capabilities and high heating efficiency.

Having in mind the good and needs of the customer, our company constantly improves its offer, focusing on safety, quality and innovation of its products. The company's goal is to meet the individual expectations of domestic and foreign market customers, as well as to build flexible and lasting business relations with commerce and construction companies.

Environmental care is crucial for us, therefore for many years the motto of the company has been "Heat in harmony with nature", which applies not only to our products, their production process, but also takes into account good regional heating traditions and a lifestyle which is close to nature. The materials used to manufacture the furnaces are fully recyclable and their construction allows total and complete combustion of the fuel, guaranteeing low emissions, low fuel consumption and a clean environment around it.

The products offered by our company are entirely manufactured in Poland and, as a Polish product, are taking into account the specificity and needs of domestic customers. We want our brand to be the most popular choice of customers, and our products to meet all customer expectations.

Kind regards,

Lidia and Jarosław Kokoszka

Certificates of competence

Stove fitter's mastery diplomas

Diplomas which document the highest degree in the construction of stoves, kitchens and fireplaces.


1st place for our realisation in the competition "I Have a Fireplace 2016"

A fireplace combined with a kitchen, based on Kokoszka-Lotz Certus 450x625 fireplace insert, was awarded in the competition.

7th place for our realisation in the competition "I Have a Fireplace 2014"

One of our works found its place in the finale of the 2nd edition of the "I have a Fireplace" competition, organized by the publisher of KOMINEK magazine.

"Spark of the Year 2012" in the Small Company and Microfirm category in the prestigious competition of "Świat Kominków" publishing house

"Not only a proven contractor for special tasks, but also a manufacturer of interesting fireplaces, has grown out of a small, family-owned company with extensive experience."

Witold Hawajski editor of Świat Kominków quarterly

1st place for our realisation in the competition "I Have a Fireplace 2012"

Two of our company's realisations were included in the "TOP 10" of nationwide competition "I have a Fireplace". The competition's final series included an accumulation fireplace with a water exchanger function and a tiled kitchen, which finally won.

"Spark of the Year 2010"

"Polish Small and Medium-sized Company of the Year" title for Kokoszka-Lotz and "Polish Product of the Year" title for Certus inserts and Kaflak stoves