accumulative fireplaces series

Warmth is one of our most primary needs. It’s associated with safety and wealth. In the course of time, though, we search for more sophisticated ways of heating. The need of being close to nature is very natural for us. As we don’t gather around kitchen’s fire anymore, we are satisfying our natural needs with view of flames behind glass pane of fireplace. Certus ceramic fireplaces are modern version of old, thermal storage tiled stoves, differing from its predecessors in burning parameters, performance and convenience of usage.

Modern Certus fireplaces are applying to idea of “pro-eco” life by burning fuel in optimal way and ensuring very high efficiency, as well, as low pollutions emission. Complete burning of fuel is paramount goal of all fireplaces within Certus family. Maximal amount of energy, obtained from burning process of portion of fuel, is accumulated in material of high thermal capacity and subsequently slowly released to surrounding.

Our fireplaces meet the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive for reduced emissions and high energy efficiency.

Certus products are new generation of accumulative fireplaces, used to build warm fireplace systems and tiled stoves. Construction of all models guarantees easy and quick assembly process. Steel body of fireplace and 12 cm layer of chamotte bricks refer to best stove fitters’ constructions. Fronts of fireplaces, available in multiple formats, are response to the needs of present-day architectural conceptions. Cooperation of stove fitters and interior designers resulted in developing devices which combine modern design with high efficiency. Certus fireplaces weight from 300 to 650 kg, therefore they offer high heat accumulation capabilities and efficiency greater than 85%. They can be encased with tiles or chamotte plates, but they are also suitable as stand-alone devices. By default, all Certus fireplaces are supplied with external air intake and double glazed doors. Thanks to high temperature in combustion chamber, glass pane always remains clean. Moreover, all models are equipped with automatic control device, which ensures optimal fuel burning process and prolonged heat retention.

Each model within Certus family can cooperate with accumulative exhaust channels and water or air heat exchangers, allowing to build fully customized heating systems. All materials, used in production process, are natural and made in Poland. By using quality devices, we care about environment we leave in.


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