water heat exchanging, accumulative fireplaces series

The Verus series of units are water inserts distinguished by their high efficiency of water heating. The high efficiency of the furnace is closely linked to the thermal capacity obtained by using accumulation materials of high weight in the furnace. The water is heated through the rear and side walls of the furnace itself, which are coated with a chamotte. An additional source of energy transfer is a water exchanger integrated with the device, located above the combustion chamber. The energy generated in the furnace is transferred to the water jacket and water exchanger in a stable way. This type of furnace construction guarantees clean, efficient fuel combustion and proper energy exchange between the furnace and water.

The devices are equipped as standard with double glazed doors, which provide higher temperatures during more efficient processes in the combustion chamber. The design of the Verus inserts ensures complete burning of the wood, while the windows always remain clean during burning. Clean combustion is also ensured by the automatic control system, which is included as standard in the device. Automation also ensures that the circulation pump is working properly.

The Verus series of inserts are recommended in cases where, in addition to the quick heating of water in a central heating system, the user is also concerned with the long-term and stable operation of the device and the entire heating system. This is possible thanks to the high thermal capacity of the device and automation.

These inserts are heating devices intended for the construction of warm fireplaces and stoves made of chamotte plates and tiles, providing the user with stable thermal comfort. They can also be used for small installations based on distribution of hot air.

Our fireplaces meet the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive for reduced emissions and high energy efficiency.


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