Cocus kitchen fireplaces

Cooking on the stove - return to tradition, return to nature

It might seem that cooking on traditional kitchen is a thing of the past, but nothing could be more wrong. Today's tendency to live a healthy life, the current return to nature has made us increasingly often return to traditional ways of preparing meals. Everyone who once had the opportunity to taste dishes prepared on traditional kitchen will admit that their taste is unique.

Modern kitchens, with their design and efficiency, differ significantly from previous models, on which our grandmothers cooked. In the past, the combustion chamber was a whole with tiled enclosures. This resulted in the necessity of cyclical reconstruction of the structure, because with time they were getting unsealed. COCUS fireplaces are modular kitchens that provide tightness, durability, reliability and quick installation. No matter what the external, decorative enclosure of the fireplace is made of, it does not affect the functioning and efficiency of the heart of the kitchen. The COCUS kitchen fireplace can be installed in a row of cabinets, in combination with cookers or as a free-standing unit. Everything depends on the function and arrangement of the interior.

The modern COCUS kitchen stoves have a double-glazed fire door which, combined with a sealed, chamotte-lined combustion chamber, ensures higher temperatures in the fireplace and clean, complete combustion of the fuel. Thanks to the high temperature of combustion, the glass of the fireplace remains always clean when burning, and the kitchen user can enjoy the view of the fire burning in the middle. The design of the COCUS fireplace allows the air for combustion to be drawn in from outside the building, so that these kitchens can be built in houses equipped with recuperation. Individual burning cycles can be supervised by automatic combustion processes, which, depending on the need, can operate in automatic or manual mode, making cooking on the COCUS kitchen an easy and pleasant activity. The COCUS kitchen stove is available as a single-level kitchen or with a high oven. The door can be on the front or side of the kitchen and the oven also on the back. The device can work with water heat exchangers, which can be installed interchangeably with the oven. Depending on the installation configuration, the cooktop frame can be single, double or triple sided.

The COCUS kitchen stove combines functionality and modern design. It can be built with modern, large-format or classic tiles, and it can also be built with chamotte plates plastered in the style of old polepa. Apart from traditional, rustic constructions, modern forms can also be built and steel, concrete, glass or brick can be used as a building material. Certainly, a well-designed kitchen stove can be a decoration of a kitchen decorated in any style.

Returning to the kitchen furnaces, is a natural consequence of the fashion for healthy food, where not only products are important, but also the ritual of preparing and cooking a meal. The taste and health values of such a cooked dish are invaluable, but also the climate created by the flame burning behind the glass is important. An additional value is the heat produced by the COCUS cooking fireplace, which can work as an accumulation oven, producing the most natural and renewable energy that is obtained from wood. The growing tree absorbs many times more carbon dioxide than it emits when burned. Therefore, a modern kitchen stove is not only a great cooking appliance, but also an ecological heat source. The COCUS cooktop meets Ecodesign requirements.


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