1st place for our realization in the competition "I Have a Fireplace 2016"

We already know the official results of the 3rd edition of the "I have a fireplace" competition!


The first place was taken by our work, submitted by the Barbara and Krzysztof. We congratulate you and we are delighted!

Below we present a specification of the whole construction, which was a common vision of Barbara and Kokoszka - Lotz.

The realisation consists of:

  1. Ceramic, accumulative fireplace/stove Certus 450x625 insert from Kokoszka - Lotz.
    The body of the insert is made of steel. The combustion chamber, lined with 11.4 cm thick chamotte bricks, provides a very high thermal capacity (high heat accumulation capability). The furnace, constructed this way, combined with the front with double glazed doors and automatic combustion control, guarantees high-temperature, clean wood burning, ensuring high efficiency of the insert and ever clean glass. The insert's construction allows the combustion air to be connected directly to the furnace from the outside of the building, so that the insert can be installed in houses with an air recuperation system. The fireplace insert can be used for the construction of warm fireplaces and tiled stoves with a system of heat accumulation in KAD accumulative ducts, which obtain heat from flue gases.
  2. The fireplace surround is made of chamotte plates, partially covered with natural greywacke slate. During burning, the surround heats up - the fireplace works like a tiled stove - it remains warm for a very long time.

Tiled kitchen - used for cooking and heating meals, as well as for keeping the room warm when it is not burning in the fireplace. It consists of:

  1. Steel furnace with chamotte bricks
  2. Tiles, as an external surround of the furnace

While burning in the kitchen, the tiles are always warm. Kitchen, like a fireplace, remains warm for a very long time thanks to the energy accumulated in it. Both the fireplace and kitchen have separate smoke ducts.

See a movie from the visit to Barbara and Krzysztof, presenting the winning job in action and containing a lot of additional information about the fireplace.