KAD - 90 degree flue bend



KAD accumulative flue ducts

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The ducts are made of a chamotte with excellent ability to accumulate heat from smoke and exhaust gases.

After leaving the fireplace or stove, the gases are directed to the KAD ducts, where they transfer the heat, rather than to the chimney. This increases the efficiency of the fireplace or stove allowing it to accumulate heat for many hours.

The KAD ducts system consists of straight pipes, bends, tees, fire dampers and flue connectors.

The inner circular shape of the ducts ensures low flue gas flow resistance. KAD system elements can be used to build accumulation masses by fireplaces or stoves very quickly and easily.

Parameter Value
dimensions and weight
height (mm) 300
width (mm) 300
depth (mm) 300
weight (kg) 42
KAD data
linear expansion (%) 1,5
density (g/cm3) 2,1
min. compressive strength (MPa) 25
min. fire resistance (sP) 154
maximum operating temperature (st. C) 1350

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