Certus 450x625 Tunnel



Ceramic, accumulative fireplace/stove insert EcoDesign

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The body of the insert is made of steel. The combustion chamber, lined with 11.4 cm thick chamotte bricks, provides a very high thermal capacity (high heat accumulation capability). The furnace, constructed this way, combined with the front with double glazed doors and automatic combustion control, guarantees high-temperature, clean wood burning, ensuring high efficiency of the insert and ever clean glass.

The insert construction allows the combustion air to be connected directly to the furnace from the outside of the building, so that the insert can be installed in houses with an air recuperation system.

Due to its weight, the insert is supplied in the elements.

Modular design of the insert ensures its simple and quick assembly (without the need to have knowledge of building ceramic fireplaces).

The fireplace insert can be used for the construction of warm fireplaces and tiled stoves with a system of heat accumulation in KAD accumulative ducts, which obtain heat from flue gases.

Parameter Value
pane dimensions
height (mm) 450
width (mm) 625
format poziomy
dimensions and weight
height (mm) 1157
width (mm) 882
depth (mm) 680
weight (kg) 450
combustion parameters
maximum heat accumulation time (hour) 12
minimum heat accumulation time (hour) 6
maximum power (kW) 21
minimum power (kW) 5
flue pipe diameter (mm) 180
possibility of installing a water exchanger
zgodność z Ekoprojekt/Ecodesign
door assembly on both sides
fuel type suche drewno lub brykiety z trocin

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