Verus 400x500



Ceramic, accumulative fireplace/stove insert with water heat exchanger and water jacket EcoDesign

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Fireplace/stove insert with water jacket. In the upper part of the insert a heat exchanger is located, in which water is additionally heated by flue gases. The combustion chamber lined with chamotte, high double glazed doors and standard automatic combustion control guarantee the optimum use of wood, ensuring high efficiency and always clean glass effect. Automatic control also manages the operation of the water pump. The cooling coil, which can be optionally installed in the water jacket, enables the insert to be connected to the closed central heating systems. The construction of the insert allows connection of external combustion air supply directly to the furnace, therefore it is possible to install the insert in houses equipped with recuperation units.

Verus can also be used as a heating insert in accumulative fireplaces, built in combination with water technology, as the flue gases, coming out of the stove, can be directed to the accumulative ducts, before they enter the chimney.

Parameter Value
pane dimensions
height (mm) 400
width (mm) 500
format poziomy
dimensions and weight
height (mm) 1445
width (mm) 976
depth (mm) 681
weight (kg) 390
combustion parameters
maximum heat accumulation time (hour) 12
minimum heat accumulation time (hour) 6
maximum power (kW) 16
minimum power (kW) 4
flue pipe diameter (mm) 200
zgodność z Ekoprojekt/Ecodesign
door assembly on both sides
fuel type suche drewno lub brykiety z trocin